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In spite of the research we did not find a connection of this Chili branch  to one of the excisting familytrees. The oldest known ancesters are:

Johann Peter Vonwersch (born ca 1740-1750), died of tuberculoses  in Aachen august 18 1808. he was 58 years old and gardener. His wife was called Catharina Prömpeler.


Around 1906-1907 Aloys Vanwersch of Van Wersch, aged 17 years, left with his father,from Aachen for Brasil and Peru. In februart 1915 Aloys heared the news that his father was killed as a German soldier in the First World War and was buried in Ossowice in Poland.


Aloys then left for Europa to participate in the war and arrived in Gibraltar or Spain. He was there imprisoned for 22 months as the story goes. Thanks to the Peruvian governement he could escape using the name Alberto Vasquez W, the same initials.

From Peru Aloys van Wersch made trips in South America and fell in love with Chili. There he met his future wife. In 1928 he married Emiliana Herrara Unzueta.


van wersch dohmens
Diccionario Biografico de Chila, 1944

Parents: Nicolas van Wersch and Elisabeth Doehmens. Born in Aachen (Germany) on 17-1-89. Studies: in his homeland. He came to South-America and stayed in Peru from 1911 until 22, in the firm Werche y Cia., in Iquitos, where he was Accountant and Administrator. In 1922 he came to Chile and was hired in Empresa Eléctrica of Valparaiso. Then he worked for the firm Gildemeister y Cia., working for 6 years in the branch offices in Concepcion and Iquique. From 1935 he worked  in the firm Adolfo Floto y Cia. Ltda., in La Serena as Accountant and Sub Manager. He was member of Club Social and Club Hípico of Peñuelas. He had a bank account in Banco de Chile. Wife: Emiliana Herrera. Children: Ines, Juan, Gonzalo, Emiliana, Josefina and Genoveva. Office : Brasil 560. Box 22-D. Phone: 46. La Serena.

They had seven children of which Aloys Gonzalo is one of them. Aloys Gonzalo married Maria Florencia Calderón.


van wersch Calderon
Aloys Gonzalo van Wersch, their granddaughter Rosario and Maria Caldéron in 2018
van wersch chile

This picture was taken in 2010. Aloys and Emiliana got six children One of them was Aloys Gonzola van Wersch-Herrera (in Spanish countries the children also carry the name of their mother). He  married Florencia Caldéron. These are their siblings.

27: Aloys Gonzalo van Wersch H mariied 26: Florencia Calderón R.
Their children:

29: Gonzalo van Wersch C, married 22: M Soledad Montero P
They got
1: Gonzalo van Wersch M
7:  Soledad van Wersch M
20: Sofía van Wersch M
5: Tomás van Wersch M
23: Bernardita van Wersch M
34: Pedro van Wersch M

28: Andrés van Wersch C married 15: Rebeca Antunez F
They got
37: Andrés van Wersch A
19: M José van Wersch A
12: Sebastian van Wersch A
8: Juan Pablo van Wersch A

25: Florencia van Wersch C married Cristian Astaburuaga
They got
6: Florencia Astaburuaga v W
14: Cristian Astaburuaga v W
13: Trinidad Astaburuaga v W

7: Paula van Wersch C married 16: Rodrigo Lobo P
They got
18: Rodrigo Lobo v W
21: J Tomás Lobo v W
31: Santiago Lobo v W
10: Agustin Lobo v W
36: Raimundo Lobo v W

24: Felipe van Wersch C married 4: M Teresa Amenábar Ch
They got
3: Felipe van Wersch Am
30: Teresita van Wersch Am
11: Josefina van Wersch Am
9: Pilar van Wersch Am
35: Nicolás van Wersch Am
32: Rosario van Wersch Am
33: Ignacio van Wersch Am

Family Felipe Van Wersch-Calderon in 2010

M Teresa Amenábar Ch , 2: Nicolás van Wersch Am. 3: Felipe van Wersch Am  4: Rosario van Wersch Am, 5: Pilar van Wersch Am, 6: Teresita van Wersch Am, 7: Josefina van Wersch Am, 8: Felipe van Wersch C Missing ….9: Ignacio van Wersch Am.

van wersch Calderon
Family Felipe Van Wersch-Calderon in 2018

From left to right: Ignacio,   Felipe, Rosario, Teresa Amenábar,  Josefina, Nicolás,  Pilar , Teresita, Felipe Jose.
At the front: Maria Jesús. 

Thanks to Felipe van Wersch Calderon